Licensed manufacturing

• Complete unsterile medicine manufacturing cycle: capsules, uncoated tablets and film-coated tablets.

• Complete sterile medicine manufacturing cycle: human blood preparation components.

• Secondary packages for sterile medicines, vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, cytostatic agents, beta-lactamic antibiotics, hormones. 

• Frozen-dried blood preparation components

Blood products. Full cycle industrial production in Russia.

In 2018, the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, the Government of the Ryazan region, Pharmimex JSC and OCTAPHARMA-PHARMIMEX LLC signed a Special Investment Contract (SPIC) to create in Russia the industrial production of a full cycle of biopharmaceuticals, substances and human blood plasma products, including unparalleled. The construction of a pharmaceutical plant for the production of blood products with a capacity of 600,000 liters per year is already in full swing on a 10-hectare plot in the Ryazan region and is being carried out jointly with the Swedish company Octapharma Nordic AB.

The project envisages implementation of a full cycle of production of human blood plasma derivatives in the Russian Federation. Thanks to this project, Russia will have modern production technologies for these drugs and the possibility to use Russian plasma to provide Russian residents with blood products in accordance with the strategy adopted by the state program "Pharma-2020".

At present Pharmimex JSC is completing the design of a storage and quality control of 600 thous. liters of human blood plasma which construction is planned to start in summer 2021 on its own land plot of 3,5 ha.

In addition, the project provides for the creation of new or modernization of 10 plasma centers on the basis of existing regional blood transfusion stations (BTS) in a public-private partnership to obtain raw materials in the form of plasma for fractionation required for mass production of domestic drugs from human blood plasma by Pharmimex JSC.

Now we are actively negotiating with regional authorities in order to conclude PPP contracts for the implementation of this project.

All facilities are designed, will be built and equipped in accordance with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice; Good Manufacturing Practice) requirements - rules that establish requirements for the organization of production and quality control of medicines for medical and veterinary use - implemented at Pharmimex JSC production facilities.