Licensed manufacturing

• Complete unsterile medicine manufacturing cycle: capsules, uncoated tablets and film-coated tablets.

• Complete sterile medicine manufacturing cycle: human blood preparation components.

• Secondary packages for sterile medicines, vaccines, monoclonal antibodies, cytostatic agents, beta-lactamic antibiotics, hormones. 

• Frozen-dried blood preparation components

  • Skopinpharm

    SKOPINPHARM LLC is a modern and dynamically developed Russian pharmaceutical company that manufactures drugs and medicines. The factory has been constructed with due reference to the requirements set out in the GMP regulations.

    – Output:
    1,200,000,000 capsules/tablets a year
    300,000 containers of blood plasma with clotting factors a year
    – Biotechnological 4-phase blood preparation shop
    – Modern laboratory

    – Albumin manufacturing building – 2017
    – Cytostatic agent manufacturing – end of 2018
    – Formulation manufacturing: lyophilization and pre-filled syringes - 1st three-monthly period of 2019.­

  • GMP

    GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) - human and veterinary medicine manufacturing and quality control regulations; these regulations are introduced so that to be followed by Pharmimex JSC.

  • Equipment

    Sterilizing autoclave GE 91413 Getinge, chamber volume: 1.5 m3
    – Labeling of containers 
    Equipment: HERMA 152С machine with an output of 4,800 containers/hour
    – Secondary packages
    – Quality control