Pharmimex JSC is a wholesaler distributing from the stock in Moscow pharmaceutical products manufactured by reputed foreign and Russian companies. Goods may be delivered to any region of the Russian Federation by road, rail and air. Rescheduling of payments may be agreed with permanent and safe partners.

• Supplying health-care agencies and institutions with high-quality vital medicines and drugs on a priority basis;

• Supplying benefit recipients in Russia with necessary pharmaceutical and medical products;

• Developing regional wholesale and retail networks in the Russian Federation;

• Having strategic partnership with international and Russian pharmaceutical and biotechnological product manufacturers;

• Manufacturing biotechnological products

Own R&D solutions developed by Pharmimex JSC.
Today, Pharmimex JSC gains much success in conducting joint business with a number of research agencies developing new drugs: therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (2 molecules are currently under development) and cardiovascular disease medicines (2 molecules are currently under development).
Our strategy is to develop new products or to localize (transfer of technologies) pharmaceutical products that are down on great demand and widely used as patient therapeutic agents in the Russian Federation.

• Pharmimex JSC and National Superpure Biological Preparation Research Institute of the Federal Biomedical Agency, Federal Public Company, have jointly developed high-yield producer strain of recombinant Erythropoietin that is patented in the Russian Federation. It shows very high specific biological activity. The entire Erythropoietin manufacturing process satisfies the European Pharmacopoeia requirements.
• The obtained producer strain will be a real cost-saving product owing to its high output.
• It is scheduled that Pharmimex will register Erythropoietin in Europe for selling.
• This medicine is widely used for treating patients suffering from anemia and, especially, from renal insufficiency.