Pharmimex core business is to purchase and distribute products including substances, pharmaceutical products, therapeutic cosmetics and side-line products; to manufacture medicines and drugs; to register medicines and drugs.

Orphan diseases.  Pharmimex JSC is authorized to import unregistered pharmaceutical products subject to assignment to the patients suffering from orphan diseases to the area of the Russian Federation under the decision issued by the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation.

Pharmimex JSC maintains its business relationships with more than 230 medical product manufacturers and suppliers including 119 companies operating in other 33 countries, in particular: Austria, Burglary, Hungary, Holland, Germany, Greece, Denmark, India, Italy, Latvia, Macedonia, the Netherlands, Slovenia, the USA, France, Finland, Check Republic, Switzerland, Yugoslavia, and Japan etc.

The Company is engaged in procurement of pharmaceutical products under long-term contracts concluded with manufacturers, thereby providing a wide range of products, ensuring on-time delivery of medicines, and keeping out of any supplies of faulty products.

Long-term relationships with suppliers, joint scheduling, exchange of information, and comfortable terms of payments are the very factors that help Pharmimex to effectively run its stock of goods while storing reserve stocks as those that are considered critical for the pharmaceutical products to be in short supply. 

Pharmimex trades with a number of foreign companies under special pharmaceutical product procurement agreements (Octapharma, Biotest Phama, Remedica, Orion Corporation, Biogen Idec France, Novartis, Shire, Alexion etc.).

  • Medicines

    Pharmimex JSC is a wholesaler distributing from the stock in Moscow pharmaceutical products manufactured by reputed foreign and Russian companies.
    Goods may be delivered to any region of the Russian Federation by road, rail and air.
    Rescheduling of payments may be agreed with permanent and safe partners.  

  • Logistics

    The Company keeps its focus on customers providing streamlined delivery service throughout Russian regions and CIS countries in compliance with the international and federal special pharmaceutical product (thermolabile, explosive, toxic and other agents) transportation requirements.  The Company keeps the "cold chain" structure under control during storage and delivery processes.

  • For Suppliers

    As provided by the pharmaceutical product manufacturing localization procedure established by the Government of the Russian Federation, Pharmimex and Skopinpharm offers customers the following high-skilled competences:

    • Registration of pharmaceutical products;
    • Development and participation in the market sales programs;
    • Provision of logistic services and distribution of pharmaceutical products;
    • Market and patient needs analysis programs;
    • Monitoring of pharmaceutical product stock and its movement 

  • For Clients

    We recommend therapeutic-prophylactic institutions and wholesale suppliers keeping their focus on the prices that have been lately reduced below the market average rate and taking into account the currently applicable preferential delivery methods!

  • Public Procurement

    Since 1997, Pharmimex JSC is one of the leading pharmaceutical product suppliers in the public sector.


JSC Pharmimex, Build. 5, 7/5, B. Dmitrovka, Str., Moscow, 125009
Tel: +7(495) 692-86-87

JSC Pharmimex, Build. 5, 7/5, B. Dmitrovka, Str., Moscow, 125009
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JSC Pharmimex, Build. 5, 7/5, B. Dmitrovka, Str., Moscow, 125009
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