Pharmimex did its best to follow strict rules and regulations giving priorities to honesty, transparency and professionalism during its entire history. Such approach is the very cornerstone for developing stable corporate business, for improving efficiency, and for rising economic indexes.

We adhere to the rules and principles the Corporate Code of Ethics is based on concerning all obligations incurred by every our employee - from the top management to the staff - to the company, clients and community.


Partnership with International Manufacturers

Pharmimex JSC and Skopinpharm LLC are periodically audited by international companies for compliance with manufacturing phase distribution and localization requirements applicable to the area of the Russian Federation.

Audits had been successfully conducted by the following companies:


·               Novartis

·               Octapharma


·               Octapharma

·               Novartis

·               Shire

·               MSD

·               CSL

·               GlaxoSmithKline

·               Alexion

·               Biomarin

·               Actelion

·               Biotest

·               Johnson & Johnson

As provided by the Skopinpharm auditing results, a number of drug manufacturing localization agreements has been concluded to deliver products under Federal and regional therapeutic practice programs and some agreements are currently expected to be signed by the parties.

In addition, Pharmimex JSC schedules constructing a pharmaceutical complete-cycle blood preparation factory at a new 10 ha Skopinpharm's area jointly with Octapharma Nordic AB (Sweden).

This project is to be implemented to utilize human blood plasma producing its derivatives in the Russian Federation. This project will make it possible to create state-of-the-art medicine and drug manufacturing solutions and to use locally collected plasma for production of medicines according to the strategy accepted under the national program "Pharma-2020".

The company staff always does its best to work for economic growth and business stability, for open-door and responsible business policy, for compliance with all drug high-quality standards and regulations, for good follow-up of all requirements, for high-professional and ethical approach to our work. All the aforesaid requirements are duly stated in the Pharmimex Corporate Code of Ethics.