The Pharmimex Russian pharmaceutical company was established in 1993 as a legal successor of the USSR Soyuzpharma association under the USSR Ministry of Public Heath, in particular, the Head Pharmacy Agency of the USSR Ministry of Public Health.

APAZOV Alexander Dmitriyevich, Honored Healthcare Officer of the Russian Federation (previously, Director of the Head Pharmacy Agency of the USSR Ministry of Public Health), is President of Pharmimex JSC.

The USSR Soyuzpharma association was founded under the resolution of the Council of Ministers dated October 29, 1988, and Apazov A.D, Director of the Head Pharmacy Agency of the Ministry of Public Health, was appointed as President.

Pharma production units were established by means of reorganization of pharmacy offices and storage areas on a regional, district and municipal basis. Additionally, some republican-status and other individual associations to have the same name appeared but the following depression in the country had nullified every Soyuzpharma's effort.

It was Apazov who declared several months before breakup of the USSR that a number of government requirements to construct 37 pharmaceutical factories, to increase drug output had not been fulfilled; besides they failed to invest 5 billion rubles for purchasing and importing substances, technologies and equipment to be used for creating own production base. Totally, US$ 4 billion of drugs was imported by the end of 1991.

Emergence of Pharmimex
Soyuzpharma was transformed in Pharmaceutical Import, Export Russian Company in 1992 that is currently known under the shortened name as "Pharmimex. From the very outset, Azapov offered the subsidiary companies to operate as separate legal entities. The Company staked on public procurement business since its staff could obtain great experience in supplying products under public contracts during the period when operating at the Soyuzpharma association and at the Head Pharmacy Agency. On April, 1993, Pharmimex could achieve a status of a public company operating under the Ministry of Public Health of the Russian Federation and, thereafter, it was reorganized to a joint-stock company. Beginning from the 90s the head office of the company is situated near to Moscow Kremlin at Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street.

Present-Day Activity
There is a wide regional network covering 83 constituent entities of the Russian Federation and Baikonur. It consists of 11 branches, 4 subsidiary companies, 4 regional sales representative offices and 244 pharmacies.
The company employs more than 1000 persons including 140 direct employees.
There are own 25,000 sq m storage units in 17 regions of the Russian Federation that have “cold chain” validated structure logistics. There are refrigerating units with a volume of more than 1000 cubic meters; the motor car park consists of more than 80 vehicles with 25 ones equipped with refrigerating facilities.

Pharmimex ranks the top three list of pharma distributors that operate in the public procurement market having the share of 6.39% and annual turnover of 30 billion rubles (Remedium, “Total balance in 2015”).

Subject to the drug coverage program, persons entitled to benefits receive some support in 17 constituent entities of the Russian Federation. Our Company take its active part in the government program according to which persons entitled to benefits shall receive pharmaceutical products free of charge. Shares in the Program-scheduled supply market are rated about 10%.

Pharmimex is one of the leading suppliers of substances and medical mixtures intended for therapy of such severe diseases, as hemophilia, mucoviscidosis, pituitary dwarfism, Gaucher’s disease, cancer, and HIV (in 2014, the company could enter into public contracts rated 11% of the total HIV drug market to the amount of more than 20 billion rubles); the company is engaged in procurement of medical items and cosmetics and, in addition to, it is authorized to control the circulation of category II and III narcotic and psychotropic substances (as regulated by the Law of the Russian Federation and by international treaties to be followed by the Russian Federation). The Company supplies medicines to be administered by those persons who suffer from severe diseases and who have to follow the recommended uninterrupted course of treatment.

In 2014, Pharmimex ranked the top 3 list of the largest pharma companies that have entered in public contracts (total 33.8 billion rubles). Pharmimex ranked the top three the most successful companies operating in the drug public procurement market within the period of 2015 to 2016.